Hello everyone. First, THANK YOU for being our clients and loyal blog post readers. We have been taking many calls and emails since the start of the COVID pandemic which has now turned into a worldwide financial crisis. We are hearing that you would rather see something from Killingsworth Spencer in Roswell than from the myriad of emails that make you wonder how you got on so many email lists.  Some have asked that we send out a daily briefing.

We are studying material from official government websites, reliable webinars and white papers, and conference calls with trusted legal and financial experts to learn more about how to best help our clients.  Here is what we will do for the foreseeable future:

  • We will endeavor to send out posts within 24 hours of verifying news we feel is important for you and/or your business
  • It will be as quick and easy to read
  • If we recommend you take action, there is a reason for it

Here is our first recommended set of action steps:

  • If you have a relationship with your banker, call them and verify they are able to process SBA loans. Tell them you plan to apply for the EIDL or the PPP loan
  • If you do not have a relationship with a banker, or yours will not process SBA loans, find one
  • Gather your payroll records for calendar year 2019 plus the first quarter of 2020, include 1099 payouts to contractors vital to the operation of your business
  • Gather all records and payments as to rent and vendor payments that are required to keep the doors open such as utilities, health insurance payments, etc.

Not all the necessary loan application paperwork has been finalized with the banks as of today, but is expected by Friday, April 3rd.

As always, we are available for questions.

Janet & Lynn