Sometimes trying to be too discreet can cause major headaches

Did you receive your economic stimulus check from the CARES Act yet? If you qualified to receive a stimulus payment you may be one of the four million plus Americans who will receive an Economic Income Payment (EIP) debit card by mail. The Treasury department began sending the cards May 26th in a plain white envelope with the inscription “Money Network Cardholder Services in Omaha” in the return address portion. If you received an envelope like this, thought it was junk mail, and tossed it away, you are not alone.

The cards were issued by Metabank. They can be used to make purchases online and any retail outlet where VISA is accepted. Recipients can also receive cash from ATMs and transfer funds to their personal account. If you did not receive your stimulus payment or you tossed it in the trash, there is a remedy. You can call 800-240-8100 for a lost, stolen, or tossed away card. You will need to wade through the prompts until you reach a customer representative if you do not have the card number. Only the primary cardholder, (the person listed first on the card) may request a replacement. Normally there is a $7.50 fee to replace your EIP card, but it is usually waived if the first card was never activated. You may also access the government website by clicking on this link,

We hope you found this information helpful. If you have other stimulus or related questions, please feel free to reach out to Killingsworth Spencer in Roswell by calling 770-552-8286