Hello everyone,

We wanted to pass along some important information to you if still owe GA income taxes for 2019.

Two updates as we approach July 15th:


  1. We currently have over 60 mil Georgia film credits that can be used for 2019 returns and extensions.

We can close on credit transactions as long as a wire is received on or before Tuesday, July 14th.


2. Disney has asked us to place these remaining credits, so they are very competitively priced:


  • 20th Century Fox Productions
  • 2017 tax year credits
  • 190,000 available (prefer to place with 1 or 2 buyers, if possible)
  • DoR audited
  • Priced at $0.88/credit

John Carson is one of the vendors we use for GA Film Credits. His contact information is below:

John Carson, CPA

Managing Director of Sales and CFO

2002 Summit Blvd

Suite 950

Atlanta, GA  30319

Business (404) 520-8826