The March 15 deadline is quickly approaching. We wanted to remind you that if you have not paid your Pass-Through Entity (PTE) tax for Georgia for the 2023 tax year, it should be paid as soon as possible to stop additional interest and penalties from accruing.

These payments were due throughout the 2023 tax year.

Also note, this election is voluntary and not required for Partnerships and S-Corporations. You can still pay the Georgia tax generated from your company at the individual level.

If you are unsure if you were supposed to be paying PTE tax, please refer to your 2022 Partnership or S-Corporation tax return and look at the client letter for any Georgia estimated tax payments to be made.

After this effort, if you are still unsure, please contact us before March 13, 2024, so we can look at your 2022 taxes and let you know if you should make a payment.

We also wanted to remind you that the 1st 2024 PTE estimate is due April 15, 2024. If you do not have your vouchers for 2024 taxes, we can provide you with one.