If you owe back taxes to the IRS or the state, there is little doubt that you may feel anxious and vulnerable. If you have not filed your taxes for several years, you also know that the day will soon come when “Shylock comes for his pound of flesh.”

If you received a Notice of Tax(es) Due from the IRS and it was a complete surprise to you then you are probably saying to yourself, “What?” and you quickly call or text your tax preparer for an explanation. Either way, the IRS and or the state DOR have you in their crosshairs and they are looking for money or an explanation as to why THEY are wrong. Now you become hypersensitive to the advertisements on the radio and television from all sorts of tax debt relief companies who promise to help. If it gets to the point where a Tax Lien is filed, you can soon expect a deluge of unsolicited mail solicitations, phone calls, and text messages with all sorts of promises to help. The messages will for the most part all be the same, “pay us first, and we will get you out from under the IRS and then you can sleep better at night.”

Hello, Judy Bernhard here from Killingsworth Spencer in Roswell. I am a CPA and I have been helping clients solve their tax debt problems for over 30 years. My assistant, Mason Hardin is an Enrolled Agent or EA. Together we can solve about 93% of the Tax Resolution issues initiated by the IRS and the state’s Department of Revenue. And yes, we can help clients across the United States. The balance of the tax resolution cases will require the assistance of an attorney who is licensed to appear before the IRS in Tax Court, and we work closely with several very good ones.

I am going to be blunt when I tell you that there are no Magic Bullets when it comes to solving your tax debt with the IRS or the state Department of Revenue. The plain and simple facts are that it takes a willingness on your part to want to FIX your tax problem and a professional who will go to work on your behalf without fanfare, is not afraid to speak with the IRS, and who will get the job done. At Killingsworth Spencer we do not ask for a large upfront retainer to take your case either. In most cases, we can resolve a tax deficiency matter in as little as a couple of hours if it is a Matching Letter or a similar issue. [Please see our video that speaks directly to this issue] Yes, some cases are complicated and will require some legwork, time, and additional fees.

If you have not filed your taxes in several years, you will be required to prepare and file every past due tax return required by the IRS. Upon these filings, a repayment plan than then be discussed. Typically, the IRS only goes back six years, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. We have the software to determine quickly and efficiently what the IRS is saying you owe and file the necessary returns.

The IRS usually has 72 months to collect the amount due from past due taxes, but this can take longer if you fail to keep up with your repayment plan or fail to file future tax returns in a timely fashion.

Please do not fall victim to what the IRS commonly refers to as “OIC Mills” where they claim they can get you a huge reduction in the amount you owe – if you pay them in advance – only to discover months down the road that your Offer in Compromise was rejected – which happens about 90% of the time. Go ahead and Google Search the term OIC Mills and see for yourself what comes up. Click this link from the tax advisor newsletter, https://www.thetaxadviser.com/newsletters/2020/oct/offer-in-compromise-scams.html.]

At Killingsworth Spencer we will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve, and we will do our best to settle your tax debt fairly and honestly. With Killingsworth Spencer,  it’s Fixed. No Tricks. TM