Sounds kind of silly, but in all seriousness, have you stopped long enough to determine your own time’s worth in your business, or what functions would be best for you to push down so you can properly focus on what you do best?

Lynn Spencer here with Killingsworth Spencer CPAs. Having a great Bookkeeper working on your behalf is actually an investment so you can – make more money, enjoy what you are doing, benefit from your free time to spend with your family and friends, and provide you the opportunity to simply relax with time to think.

Helen, a successful client of Killingsworth Spencer CPAs said something to Janet and me during a recent meeting, which we know to be true. Helen said she now has  “think time” each week where she can focus more on long-term issues and opportunities in her business. She said that since Killingsworth Spencer CPAs took over the bookkeeping duties in her business last year, her once Bookkeeper filled a different position in her enterprise for which she is better suited.  Everyone is happy and the business is thriving.

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