High Net worth

High Net Worth:

If you are a business owner or  individual with multiple streams of income, you will benefit greatly by meeting with your tax professional several times throughout the year so that opportunities to save on your taxes are not wasted. When all your advisors are able to work in concert on your behalf, you will fully appreciate the breadth of what true financial planning has to offer. Killingsworth Spencer works with a number of high networth people and can assist you in the special accounting expertise needed for your specific needs.

Financial Planning

Our firm has the capability to work in-house with our clients on a number of estate and business succession planning scenarios. It may seem a bit strange at first for your CPA to ask to see copies of your Wills, Trusts, and business succession planning documents; however, we feel that an “ounce of prevention is perhaps worth several pounds of cure.” In our 30+ years in practice, we have no doubt experienced what happens to families when a loved one passes away. We are usually the advisor that our clients call on to help clean up the mess. We see our role as your advisor to help you get what you want. We do NOT care what the answer is, and we have no pre-packaged products or off the shelf canned advice or “plug in” charts. Everything we do is customized and tailored to each client’s situation. We work for the benefit of our clients – PERIOD!

“When was the last time you ran a “fire drill” on your estate plan to find the issues that may create problems? You do not want to get caught with an inadequate plan or documents that may be in DIRECT CONFLICT with your current objectives, banking covenants, or other agreements you may have written. You would not believe some of the things we have seen go wrong when the documents are no longer in sync with a client’s current objectives.”


We have affiliations with a number of professionals to help with the following for our clients:

  • Business expansion through acquisition and access to capital markets to fund a transaction or buy out a minority partner or family member
  • SBA loan assistance
  • Business valuation and appraisal services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • 401(k) and profit sharing plans and TPA services
  • Estate and business succession planning advisory
  • Property Casualty insurance review
  • Wealth planning and investment planning
  • Working closely with a business and/or tax attorney on behalf of our clients
  • Life insurance planning and policy review
  • Health insurance planning
  • IT support services


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