Business travel is becoming more costly than in years past, but the related deductions can offset the expense. These are available when employees or the owner must travel away from their tax home or main place of work for business reasons. The travel period must be substantially longer than an ordinary day’s work with a need for sleep or rest to meet the demands of work while away. The expenses must be ordinary and necessary, not lavish or for personal purposes. These deductions include the cost of travel via an airplane, train, bus, or car, taxi and Uber; shipping of baggage and display material; lodging and non-entertainment related meals; dry cleaning and laundry; and tips paid for all related expenses. Vacations are never deductible, however, if one conducts business, those directly related expenses can be deducted. If you have any questions about travel expenses and how it affects your business, feel free to click on the link or give us a call. I’m Lynn Spencer from Killingsworth Spencer CPAs hoping to enrich your day with another tax tip and a smile. Speaking of which, when I left home to go on a business trip, my fiancé said, “Don’t forget to write.” I thought, “That’s unlikely. It’s a basic skill afterall.”