Hopefully, you will never find yourself in the crosshairs of the IRS and its Collections and Enforcement Division. Hello, Judy Bernhard, CPA and Mason Hardin, EA here again from Killingsworth Spencer in Roswell. Today we want to provide a quick explanation as to how we help our clients solve their IRS tax debt issues. If you, a family member, or a close friend find themselves with an IRS or state of GA tax debt problem they cannot solve, do not panic! The IRS will ALWAYS state the maximum amount owed for two reasons – one to get your undivided attention, and second they want to negotiate the amount down from a position of strength – theirs! Also, the ONLY way you will be notified that you owe any money to the IRS or the state is via U.S. Mail. You will never receive a phone call or an email.

In many cases, the collection notice stems from a matching error from either income or taxes paid (and not matched up with the correct period) and a phone call (you may be on hold for an hour) can clear up the matter in a few minutes of human interaction. In other cases, it will require the skill set of a professional to resolve your IRS tax problem. Both Mason Hardin and I have years of experience dealing with the IRS on tax debt issues where clients may owe upwards of $90,000 or more in back taxes. Many cases can be resolved in a few hours of our time, while others are far more complicated and will require specialized care and attention.

We realize there are many choices when it comes to choosing a firm to handle your IRS tax debt problem, but we feel we are uniquely qualified because as a CPA and an Enrolled Agent we can handle about 93% of the cases before the IRS. We will treat you with dignity and keep you apprised of our progress to resolve your case. We do not ask for huge upfront retainer fees to resolve your case. Please remember that the IRS will work with a taxpayer to resolve their tax debt issues, but they prefer to deal with a CPA or an EA on behalf of the taxpayer because they know you are serious about solving the problem. For more information click on the link to our website: click here,  or give us a call to schedule a consultation.